Average emergency response time in minutes to active shooting incidents*

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Length in minutes of average active shooter incident*


Average emergency response time in minutes with Guardian

* Source: FBI


"Did I just hear a gunshot?"


The 18:00 response delay is no one's fault. It's due to lack of information, the inherent chaos and inability for someone at the scene to call 911, human uncertainty as to what they just heard, and many other factors.

Guardian technology reduces the emergency response time from 18 minutes to just a few. That saves lives. But it's not just the emergency response teams that get notified. It notifies the school's leadership, administration, and teachers immediately so they know a shot was fired and exactly where it was fired within the school. 

Many schools currently utilize active shooter training programs that teach "Run, Hide, Fight." Guardian's immediate and factual information initiates these procedures with teachers and school officials much more quickly, saving lives.