When yet another act of unspeakable violence occurs, we are all left feeling angry, powerless and frustrated. Yet the topic of “guns” is so polarizing to people that progress becomes the victim. We are not "pro-gun" nor are we "anti-gun." We are pro-saving children's lives, something on which we think both sides can agree. 


There is no debate. We have to do something.

Let's let the debaters on both sides debate while, together through the E.R.A.S.E. crowdfunding campaign, we focus on saving lives in 50 schools, one in each state. Scroll down and read on about the inspiration behind this campaign, understand the problem our children are facing every day, get familiar with the amazing Guardian technology, and even find out how you can help your school district be one of the 50 schools chosen for Guardian installations.  

We can get Guardian technology into 50 schools in 50 states. But we can only do it with your help.