We chose 50 schools in 50 states as our goal to emphasize that gun violence is truly a national problem requiring national attention. If we are successful, one school in every state will be protected with Guardian technology.

Your contributions to the “Early Response to Active Shooter Events” campaign, no matter where you are from, will go towards the installation of Guardian Active Shooter Detection Systems in those 50 schools.

But if yours is the district that raises the most contributions in your state, then your school district will be awarded the prized technology. After that, it will be up to your superintendent to decide which school will get Guardian installed.

Stay tuned to this campaign page and to our Facebook page for more details on how to make your school district one of the 50.


Meet the team behind this campaign.


Chris has spent his career helping create lifesaving technology companies. He is the father of two K-12 age children, wakes up at 4:30 a.m. on the weekends to drive to hockey rinks and is married to former County Superior Court criminal prosecutor Jessica, and therefore has never won a single argument in their 19 years of marriage.



Greg has had a storied and award-winning career as an advertising creative director. He is also a fine artist, most famously with his "Erase" art installation. He just recently celebrated his 25th anniversary with his wife Jacqueline and has three beautiful children that are his life and his muse.