Why deranged shooters do what they do can never be fully understood or rationalized. Yet their tactics can - once a person has decided to turn to violence, they tend to find a location that is the easiest target possible for maximum damage.

Further, because shooters tend to have reached a desperate point in their lives, they sometimes leave signs, clues, tracks, as to what they plan to do. Police and school officials are our offense. They are well trained at sniffing out these signs, clues, and tracks, in advance. 

But not all school shooters leave detectable signs, which means not all shootings can be prevented. Protecting our children requires a good offense and a good defense.

Offense: Mitigating Danger.

In the past two weeks, there were two school shootings thwarted by excellent police work. One in Michigan and one in Virginia.

Instagram tips police to suspected school shooting plot. - USA Today, November 8, 2015

Alleged school shooting plot foiled in Virginia. - CNN, October 25, 2015

In the case of the Michigan threat to Linden High School, police were tipped off through social media. It's unclear at this point exactly how, but we know Instagram photos were involved.

In the case of the Virginia threat to Riverbend High School, we have few details but know the police are being credited with proactive investigating and follow through that led to the arrests of the potential shooters.

Both are examples of excellent police work - the best offense against school shootings.

But not all schools are successful in mitigating the danger. According to the Washington Times, there have been 142 school shootings since the Sandy Hook massacre at the elementary school in Newtown, CT, on December 14, 2012.

Clearly, we also need to mitigate the damage when a shooting event can't be prevented.

Defense: Mitigating Damage.

Many schools currently utilize active shooter training programs that teach "Run, Hide, Fight." The effectiveness of these programs directly correlates to how much information and time teachers and administrators have to react to an active shooting event.

Guardian technology from Shooter Detection Systems provides exactly the right information everyone needs as soon as that first shot is fired. Guardian "sees" and "hears" a gunshot and then automatically and instantly communicates to local emergency response teams as well as texts and emails teachers and school administrators that a shot was fired, noting exactly where in the building the shooter is located.

Guardian technology gives school administrators and teachers the ability to immediately kickoff and choose which "Run, Hide or Fight" defense they need to implement.

Emergency responders without Guardian take on average 18 minutes to respond to the scene. With Guardian they take 2 minutes. Saving precious time will save precious lives.

Together we can get Guardian into 50 schools, one in each state.

Guardian is a critical part of any town's systematic approach to defending itself from the devastating effects of school shootings. When shootings can't be thwarted, Guardian is there to minimize the damage. 

But public schools being publicly funded sometimes take years to approve new technology installations such as Guardian. We don't have years.

Please support our crowdfunding effort launching Thursday, November 12, 2015, on Indiegogo. Shooter Detection Systems has agreed to offer up 50 Guardian systems at cost (no profit to the company) if we can raise the money via crowdfunding. 

Our goal is 50 schools. We don't know if we'll reach that. But with your help, we will.