We have been delighted to see the advertising community light up with passionate support for the "E.R.A.S.E." crowdfunding campaign. And we thought you'd like to see some of our favorite ones.

Note: reader discretion advised. These ad folks use colorful language to reflect their passion.

Tom Monahan - Former Creative Director At Leonard/Monahan, Providence, RI

Ted Royer, Chief Creative Officer at Droga5, New York, NY.

Barbara Lippert, Editor At Large At MediaPost:

Pete Favat, Chief Creative Officer At Deutsch/LA:

There were others, of course, but those will give you an idea as to how the ad world is adopting our cause. Big thanks to Pete, Tom, Barbara, and Ted for their support.

Stay tuned to our blog or our Facebook page for updates on the launch of the campaign. Share with your friends (like those advertising executives did). We can do this. Starts Thursday, November 12 (new date)!