Of course not. Smoke alarms in schools don't eliminate the chance of a fire, they simply notify us in realtime that there is a fire so our kids can be brought to safety.  

Yet one criticism we are hearing from our friends on our Facebook page is that Guardian Technology, and therefore the E.R.A.S.E. crowdfunding campaign, will not stop school shootings.

That criticism is correct. Guardian will not eliminate school shootings. But that criticism misses the fact that, just as smoke alarms do with fires, Guardian will notify us in realtime when there is a shooting, thereby helping to keep our kids safer in the event of a shooting event. 

Why would we give a school-shooter more time?

Without Guardian technology in schools you are effectively giving a shooter more time to find potential victims.

Guardian technology "sees" and "hears" a gunshot and immediately transmits that fact while pinpointing the exact location of the shooter in the school to emergency response teams and school officials.

Quite simply, with Guardian technology installed the shooter has less time to shoot and lives are saved.

Every minute 'erased' saves two lives.

Think about that fact. Every minute we save between the second a shot is fired and the second emergency responders arrive at the scene means two lives, on average, are saved.

According to the FBI, the average time a shooter takes is 12.5 minutes. If we can get emergency response teams to the scene in 2 minutes (versus the average 18 minutes), we stand to save 20 lives.

Does Guardian technology eliminate school shootings? No more than a smoke alarm eliminates fires. But we think saving two lives per minute is well worth the effort.

Help us get Guardian technology in 50 schools, one in each state.

We need to get this lifesaving technology installed in as many schools as possible. For now, through our E.R.A.S.E. crowdfunding campaign, our goal is 50 schools in 50 states. The maker of Guardian, SDS, has agreed to forego all profit on these 50 if we can fund them through crowdfunding.

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