We chose 50 schools in 50 states as our goal to emphasize that gun violence is truly a national problem requiring national attention. If we are successful, one school in every state will be protected with Guardian technology.

Your contributions to the “E.R.A.S.E.” campaign, no matter where you are from, will go towards those installations of Guardian Active Shooter Detection Systems in those 50 schools.

But if yours is the school district that, per pupil, raises the most contributions in your state, then it will be awarded the prized technology. After that, it will be up to your superintendent to decide which school will get Guardian installed.

Here's what you do.

Make Your Contribution Count

We have built a web page that will allow us to tally the amount of money contributed to the E.R.A.S.E. campaign by school district, one contributor at a time. Unfortunately Indiegogo can't automate these calculations at their site, so there's an extra hoop for you to jump through.

Instructions to give your school district credit for your contribution:

  1. Make a contribution to our campaign - any dollar amount or choose a perk.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from Indiegogo that will include a "Pledge ID." Copy that number.
  3. Go to our Find Your District page.
  4. Enter your Pledge ID and your state. Once you do, you will see a drop-down menu of districts in your state.
  5. Find your district, click on it, and submit. 

On the back-end, our database will attach your contribution (via your Pledge ID) to your district. Most money raised per pupil by each district in each state wins the Guardian technology.

We're doing it "by pupil" so that it's not just the largest districts that automatically win.

Rally Your Friends, Family, Community

Once you've followed the steps above to make your contribution count against your district, get as many people in your district to join you.

Some ideas to help you spread the word:

  • Facebook. Post Facebook posts with a link to our Indiegogo page (goes live at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, 11-12-15) and ask your friends to join you. And don't post just once, but every day for a week or so. Note: the instructions up above will also be on our Indiegogo page when it goes live, so your friends will know what to do. 
  • Twitter. Same for Twitter. Please tag us: @funderase. 
  • Email. Email your friends the Indiegogo link with a call-to-action only you could think of.
  • Activate Schools. Contact your local schools and get the principals, superintendents, and teachers involved in your campaign. Ask them to post, Tweet, email, too.
  • Activate Police. Contact your local police department - they will love Guardian. Get them to post, Tweet, and email their contacts.
  • More ambitious ideas: hold a live event locally to build support, get local businesses to put up signs, organize a telephone drive.

We wish you and your district the best of luck! See you tomorrow at 9:00 on our Indiegogo page. Go to our Facebook page for the url when it goes live.

It's almost time to #FundErase!