Do We Avoid Installing Smoke Alarms Because They Don't Eliminate Fires?

Do We Avoid Installing Smoke Alarms Because They Don't Eliminate Fires?

Of course not. Smoke alarms in schools don't eliminate the chance of a fire, they simply notify us in realtime that there is a fire so our kids can be brought to safety.  

Yet one criticism we are hearing from our friends on our Facebook page is that Guardian Technology, and therefore the E.R.A.S.E. crowdfunding campaign, will not stop school shootings.

That criticism is correct. Guardian will not eliminate school shootings. But that criticism misses the fact that, just as smoke alarms do with fires, Guardian will notify us in realtime when there is a shooting, thereby helping to keep our kids safer in the event of a shooting event. 

Why would we give a school-shooter more time?

Without Guardian technology in schools you are effectively giving a shooter more time to find potential victims.

Guardian technology "sees" and "hears" a gunshot and immediately transmits that fact while pinpointing the exact location of the shooter in the school to emergency response teams and school officials.

Quite simply, with Guardian technology installed the shooter has less time to shoot and lives are saved.

Every minute 'erased' saves two lives.

Think about that fact. Every minute we save between the second a shot is fired and the second emergency responders arrive at the scene means two lives, on average, are saved.

According to the FBI, the average time a shooter takes is 12.5 minutes. If we can get emergency response teams to the scene in 2 minutes (versus the average 18 minutes), we stand to save 20 lives.

Does Guardian technology eliminate school shootings? No more than a smoke alarm eliminates fires. But we think saving two lives per minute is well worth the effort.

Help us get Guardian technology in 50 schools, one in each state.

We need to get this lifesaving technology installed in as many schools as possible. For now, through our E.R.A.S.E. crowdfunding campaign, our goal is 50 schools in 50 states. The maker of Guardian, SDS, has agreed to forego all profit on these 50 if we can fund them through crowdfunding.

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The Key To Surviving A School Shooting

The Key To Surviving A School Shooting

According to the FBI the average time it takes emergency responders to arrive at the scene of an active shooting event is 18 minutes yet on average a school shooting lasts 12.5 minutes. School safety personnel and emergency responders need instant notification both that a shot has been fired AND exactly where in order to ensure the safety of as many of our children as possible.  

The sad fact is that every minute that an active shooting continues means 2 lives lost, on average.

Guardian technology means emergency response teams arrive in 2 minutes, not 18.

Guardian is all about getting emergency response teams to the scene of an active school shooting with all the information they need in just 2 minutes, not 18. And it's about getting that same information to school teachers and administrators as soon as it happens.

The Guardian devices are installed throughout the school. The Guardian devices are barely visible to teachers and children walking by them in the halls - no more visible than a fire alarm. But when a shot is fired, these devices can "see" and "hear" the shot fired and can then pinpoint the location of the shooter in the school with near 100% accuracy.

Within a second or two, that information is available to school administrators and teachers in both audio form and visual form while a text version is sent to emergency responders with the same critical information. Within moments of the event, both the school safety officers and emergency responders have the shot and location information needed to begin their lifesaving tasks.

Over $45 million dollars of research and development has been invested by the US Government and a defense contractor to mature this capability. The technology has saved the lives of countless military men and women overseas.

We have repurposed that military grade technology specifically for a school environment.

Instant information saves lives.

With the information that a shot was fired and exactly where now distributed to all teachers and administrators, they can act NOW to save lives. 

Many schools currently utilize active shooter training programs that teach "Run, Hide, Fight." Guardian's immediate and accurate information initiates these procedures with school officials much more quickly, saving lives.

With Guardian, it's not "Did I just hear a gunshot?" It's "There's a shooter in the building, we need to run, hide, or fight." 

#FundErase to put Guardian in 50 schools in 50 states.

Guardian manufacturer, SDS, has agreed to offer up the 50 Guardian systems at cost, meaning zero profit to the company, if we can raise the money through our crowdfunding campaign launching on November 9, 2015, on Indiegogo. 

Please contribute what you can, spread the word about our campaign to your friends, and get involved. We can't do it without you.

Until There Are No More School Shootings, #FundErase

Until There Are No More School Shootings, #FundErase

The sad reality is that shootings in schools happen. And they happen more frequently than any of us want to believe. It seems every few weeks there's another one. Yet the "gun debate" rages on. Both sides raise good points - "If we only had better mental health facilities" or "If we could only do away with guns altogether."

Yet there is no solution in sight.

27 school shootings between 2000-2013.

According to the FBI's "A Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United States Between 2000 and 2013": The 27 school incidents resulted in 57 individuals killed and 60 individuals wounded.

The gun debate has raged continuously since 2000, yet as we know from the statistics above, not much has changed. If anything, the problem of school shootings has gotten worse.

There was Frederick, Maryland, on February 4th of this year. Harrisburg High School in Harrisburg, South Dakota, on September 30th. Roseburg, Oregon. Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Even just yesterday at the Winston Salem State, North Carolina, campus there was another shooting. 153 school shootings, in fact, since 2013.

Our conclusion? The gun debate is important to continue, but it's not keeping our kids safe right now.

Until there are no more school shootings, #FundErase.

On November 9th, we will launch the ""Early Response To Active Shooter Events" (E.R.A.S.E.) crowdfunding campaign to raise money to get lifesaving Guardian technology installed in 50 schools, one in each state.

We realize we are not going to completely solve the problem with this campaign, but we are determined to mitigate the risk of an active shooting event for these 50 schools. SDS, the inventor of Guardian, is kindly offering the technology at cost (no profit to their company) to these 50 schools. The technology pinpoints the location of the shooter and notifies emergency responders and school officials instantly, reducing response time from 18 minutes to just a few.

You can help. Please contribute what you can to our campaign when we go live on Indiegogo on November 9. In the meantime, please share our blog posts, "like" our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for our email list

It's critical to get the word out this week leading up to our big launch. Thanks in advance.

We can #FundErase on November 9. But we can only do it with your help.